1. Will all new Altel prepaid subscribers be entitled for the Free 300MB data for 15 days?
    Yes. All new Altel prepaid subscribers (including MNP) who activates their line from 15th October 2015 onwards will receive the Free 300MB data upon first call activation.
  2. How will I know if the 300MB is already activated and how do I check the quota utilization?
    You will receive the below activation SMS and you can also check the utilization by USSD Dial *102# or SMS BAL to 25835.English : “RM0. TQ for your activation & Congratulations! You have received 300MB of High Speed Internet valid for 15 days. T&C applies. Info dial *102# or visit”
  3. Will I be able to purchase a new mobile broadband plan while the Free 300MB is still active?
    Yes. You will be able to purchase another mobile broadband plan without forfeiting your existing Free 300MB plan and your internet utilization will always be drawn from the Free 300MB plan quota first.
  4. Will I be notified once Free 300MB expires?
    Yes. You will receive SMS notificationEnglish : “RM0. Your Free 300MB data validity has expired at HH:MM:SS DD/MM/YYYY. Please dial *102#, select Broadband to subscribe.”

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